As insecurity on the rise : 5 security tips at home

As insecurity on the rise : 5 security tips at home

Every day we hear of incidents of robbery and thefts. You must do some things to keep you, your family members and your properties safe. It is very important. There are some safety measures to put in place to protect your properties and everyone’s life.

Here are the useful security tips at home;

  1. Trust your instincts

Many times, our minds are at alert more than our eyes could see. If you have always been observant of your minds, you would have known when to be at alert.

The first thing you need to be sensitive to is your instinct. If you are not comfortable with any situation around you, don’t ignore it. At that point, you will need to take a calculative action. For instance, you may feel that someone is watching you closely or moving around your house. When you observe this, you may need to move away from that environment or call someone closer to your home to help you confirm your instinct.

  1. Don’t allow strangers to enter your house.

If you don’t know someone very well or trust them, don’t allow them to enter your house. Even if they will have to enter your house, clear away your expensive and valuable gadgets. Some strangers will enter your house with good intentions, though. But you have to be careful, because they may change their mind once they set their eyes on your expensive appliances. After all you don’t know them well so you shouldn’t trust them.

  1. Don’t keep your appliances near the window.

Some thieves and armed robbers take advantage of a weak window burglar-proof. Placing your expensive items close to the window side will attract them and give them easy access to your properties.

Your TV, laptop, phones and other appliances should not be kept close to the window. Many times, some people are drawn to houses to steal or rob them when they see their appliances around the window. It is very easy to reach the appliances through the window, especially if there is no burglar proof or if the window is not strong.

  1. Know who is at the door

Once you hear a knock at your door, the next thing to do is check to see who is at the door, knocking.

Since you don’t know who is knocking, it’s the best thing is to check or identify whoever is at your door before letting them into your house. This is because you don’t know the person, neither do you know their intentions. Knowing them is a measure to protect your life and your properties.

  1. Lock all doors

Whenever you are going out, you should ensure your doors are properly locked. Even when you are inside your house, you should ensure your doors are locked from behind too. This way, your house will be safe from burglars. As simple as this sounds, locking doors is very important, and one has to be very careful about it.

Asides locking your doors and windows, ensure your doors and windows are in good condition too. If there is any faulty lock in your house, get them repaired or replaced if there is a need for it.


Your security is not only in the hands of the security officers; you have your part to play too. In a nutshell, protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your properties relies solely on you. You must perform your part by observing all the security tips at home, listed above.

Ensure you lock your doors before going out and be careful of strangers. Also, don’t place your appliances close to your window and know who is knocking on your door before opening the door.

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