BLINK Camera : 5 Things You Need To Know

BLINK Camera : 5 Things You Need To Know

Blink cameras are one of the most widely used and inexpensive security cameras in the world.

These camera is one of the most recommended cameras for people who are looking for high video quality feed and portability.

It’s portable nature makes it hard to detect, hence an effective spy for monitoring your house and environs.

There are several types of blink camera with a few being; Blink Outdoor, Blink Indoor, Blink Mini, e.t.c. Blink cameras are also popular for their long battery life and easy installation process.

The most expensive of the blink cameras cost less than an hundred dollar (100$). These cameras are said to have a long battery life of approximately 2years.Camera blink

My Blink Camera Video Stopped Unexpectedly

Blink’s smart camera system is totally wireless and sends motion-activated signals and also HD quality feed to your smartphone.

Blink camera video stopping unexpectedly is a common to all blink cameras. These issue can occur due to number of a reason such as:

  1. Camera is in offline mode.
  • There is little or no communication link between the sync module and the blink camera.
  • Lack of signals from the camera

Fixing this issues can be done in very simple steps. They are:

  1. Remove the device from its current position to a more closer place. While installing, it is possible that you might have placed the camera out of its connectivity range.
  • Check your router very well. Sometimes most blink camera issues is from the router.
  • Removing the AA batteries from the camera also works wonders and helps to get your camera working again.
  • If after doing any the recommended solution the problem still persist, call the blink camera customer service line for assistance.

Blink Camera not detecting motion, what’s the cause?

Often times, most blink camera do not respond quickly when some settings are turned on.

This settings blocks the camera’s main features and might have occurred due to an update that took place either manually or by mistake. Not to worry, following this easy steps can help you fix the issues once and for all.

  • Try accessing the blink system manually and make sure the motion detection feature of the camera is switched on. Go to the section in the setting mode of the camera where the on and off motion detection feature can be found.
  • The next thing you need to do is to go to the setting in the blink cameras app where its shows if just a part of the whole system is armed. This setting can be found in the down right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Sometimes, poor or no WIFI connection might be the cause of zero motion detection. You need to make sure that the WIFI signal strength is very strong. Poor signal strength might probably be the cause of no motion detection.
  • Replacing the blink camera batteries with recommended once can fix the issue. Most batteries that come with cameras have the tendency to contain large amount of power due to a long period of storage.
  • Run a diagnosis on the cameras hardware in order to determine if its still in.good shape. Though, blink cameras operates on the best industria made hardwares.

Why Am I Not Getting Notification On My Blink Camera ?

Depending on the version of the phone you installed the free blink app on, getting notification might not seem possible.

For android users with a phone version of 8.0+, if you do receive notification but do not hear the notification sounds it means you would have to log into the blink app.

On the notification section of the blink app, you then click on mange account and scroll to the notification sound toggle. Make sure the notification sound toggle is on before exiting the app.

My Blink Camera Failed to Update

Camera failing to update can be corrected easily. When the camera fails to update, errors such as cameras busy, thumbnail failed would be displayed on the screen.

This can be simply corrected by power cycling your camera. Power cycling involves you removing your camera battery for a minimum of 10s and maximum of 20s before re-inserting it into the camera again.

Why Does My Live View Fail On My Blink Camera?

Live view might fail due to the night vision setting of the cameras being switched off. One of the ways by which you can correct this is to either switch on the night vision settings or you try illuminating the area.

At night, the blink camera finds it difficult to capture and detect objects clearly. Illuminating the area helps the cameras properly capture and see objects.

Live view fails in most blink cameras at night. If live views still fails, then the issue no longer lies with the camera

How Do You Unregister A Blink Camera?

Deleting or unregistering a blink camera is relatively easy. Just go to the setting icon of your camera and tap on it. Scroll to the cameras you want to delete and click on the red delete button.

You would be asked to verify if you really want to delete the camera. After verification, you can then click on the camera you wish to delete and then a successfully deleted icon pops up.

Can Someone Else Access My Blink Camera?

For flexibility, the blink camera has the admin and guest access. The admin access grants you total control over the cameras.

it allows you to monitor camera, view the previously stored video and images, arm and disarm the cameras.

The guest access also allows a person to start the blink app, monitor cameras, and view either images or videos. It doesn’t provide them the access to arm, disarm and change the cameras setting.

Do Blink Cameras Have Microphones?

YES ! , all blink cameras have microphones as it essential features. The new blink camera ” blink mini ” which cost less than 100$ has a two way audio system as one of its unit feature.

Where Is The Microphone Located On My Blink Cameras?

The microphone of the blink camera is located at the auterior end of the camera. The microphone has a two way audio system.

Are Blink Cameras Easy To Steal?

Blink camera are not easy to steal because of it very advance tech feature but actually it can be stolen if placed on the reach of potential criminals.

There are several security measure that you have to take to ensure that your camera is safe, one of which is to place your cameras out of the reach of intruders and also ensure a secure and firmly fit to surface when mounting it.

How Do I Stop My Blink Camera From Being Stolen?

Stealing camera can be relatively easy if the thieves know what they are doing. In order to prevent this, below are recommended ways of protecting your camera

1. By attaching a smooth- face bolt and nut to the bottom and top part respectively. This process depends on whether you mounting the camera on a plywood or an Iron. When selecting screws for this method, it is pertinent that you make use of a brand new one-way screw that cannot be removed easily with simple hand tools.

2. Using a sub-standard screw head such as star bits. The main aim of this second method is achieve maximum security. Thieves can still remove the camera despite this two methods, but would attract a lot of noise to his/her self thereby giving a good opportunity to be apprehended.


All blink camera are good for anyone who wants top notch security at a not so discomforting price.

Whether you are buying the blink outdoor, blink indoor or blink mino, it is necessary to go through it’s installation guide. All blink cameras offers a wide range of security benefits, hence their general acceptance by the populace.

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