Covid-19? See some 5 disadvantages of excessive use of face mask

Covid-19? See some 5 disadvantages of excessive use of face mask

Presently, the use of a face mask has become excessive due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All over the world, it has become common for everybody to wear a face mask daily. As necessary as the face mask is to protect people from contracting the virus, let’s see its bad sides too.

Note that, in this post, we are only going to show you the disadvantages of excessive use of face mask.

  1. Changes on the skin

People are fond of moving the face mask, either to the jaw or over the head. This movement is usually done while the mask’s band is over the ears. Yet, the face mask remains on the face for many hours in a day, which affects the facial skin. There can be a visible change in the facial skin. The part of the face that is being covered always, with the face mask will look different. Depending on the type of face mask being used and the skin’s sensitivity, acne or skin discoloration may appear on the face too.

  1. Difficulty in breathing

This affects people with underlying problems such as asthma or COVID-19. Putting on the face mask will worsen their breathing. Wearing the face mask reduces the breathing rate of the user. They breathe through the face mask instead of breathing freely into the air. However, this could lead to shortness of breathing, especially if the user faces any respiratory health problem, and such an individual wear it excessively. The outcome of this is that the person’s health problem will get worsen.

  1. Low immune system

Many studies have revealed that low oxygen rates in hypoxia (tissues) can reduce some of the immune system’s responses. Likewise, it can accentuate and increase some other crucial functions of your immune cells.

It is also revealed scientifically that an extended denial of sufficient oxygen in the body can limit the immune system’s functionality to fight infections in the body. Therefore, when using face mask excessively, take it off whenever you are far from people or stay off people by 5meters. This preventive measure applies to other disadvantages of excessive use of the face mask.

  1. Headaches

One of the disadvantages of excessive use of face mask is that you will have repeated and extended series of headaches. This was confirmed and revealed by Dr Byakodi.

You may experience headaches if you move the face mask band often all through the day. Meanwhile, the stress of breathing through the face mask or the little difference in the oxygen and carbon dioxide rates in the blood will induce a headache too.

  1. Chronic dermatitis

This disease is mostly faced by people who use surgical masks, most notably the non-woven fabric made with the use of chemicals to hold the fibers together. Many people who have sensitive skin can be affected by this, and their skin may break out and begin to experience dermatitis. This is one of the severe disadvantages of excessive use of a face mask. Another problem with this issue is that you may be exposed to prolonged consequences in scarring and recurrence of your entire facial skin.


You may find yourself wearing face mask excessively, not just because of the COVID-19 pandemic alone but maybe because of the nature of your work. Whatever the reason is, you must know that you will be exposed to some problems if you wear face mask regularly and continuously.

We have successfully shown you the disadvantages of excessive use of face masks in this article. Therefore, avoid using the face mask often to protect yourself from these dangers. Note that you should avoid using the face mask often if you are having any clinical respiratory problems.Finally, the material used and the sensitivity of your skin will determine the disadvantages you will experience from excessive use of face mask.

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