Do you have Android 11 Beta (DP) 3? See steps to install it on OnePlus 8 Series

Do you have Android 11 Beta (DP) 3? See steps to install it on OnePlus 8 Series

latest beta version of Android 11 has been released by Google for users all over the world. It didn’t take too long our favourite OnePlus joined the moving train by releasing the Android 11 beta version for those who are with the OnePlus 8 series device.

Should incase you aren’t familiar with OnePlus 8 series device, it includes OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8. We always know that at times these product might appear buggy, if we come across or get to find complaint on issues with these products we are going to update this page with solution for that for now let’s talk about how to install the Android 11 Beta on Oneplus 8 Series

Step to Install Android 11 Beta (DP)on OnePlus 8 Series

First you should have Android11 BETA ROM new release downloaded from here and here which are for OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro respectively.

If successfully downloaded, you should now copy  “ROOT” folder of your device. For the upgrade to be successful this has to be saved on the root folder.

Go to Settings ==> System ==> System Updates.

In the System Updates, just click the icon as shown in the picture below

Select the “Local Upgrade” option

The final step now has to do with you selecting  the downloaded upgrade package and you now have to  hit upgrade.

Wait a little minute for the system to run and click on  “Restart

Change log for Android 11 Beta 3:

There is this visual design which is considered as new release. This include Weather app,Gallery and also note.

A friendly and cool looking layout

A way paper that is not only with a beautiful design but it changes from time to time..

New front has also been introduced which you will like because it improves the readability greatly.

There is also a new Gallery that assist to create your unique story

Below are the Known Issues of the upgrade.

  • Please note that most applications might not be compatible with latest Android 11 for the time being which is temporary.
  • Expect some app not to function as expected.
  • System stability issues has been recorded
  • The UI is not that fancy

If you upgraded and you don’t like what you have gotten or your experiences are nothing to tell about you can downgrade package through the following links we have provided below :

Downgrade package for OnePlus 8:

NA Version

IN Version

EU Version

Downgrade package for OnePlus 8 Pro:

NA Version

IN Version

EU Version

We will like to know what you have to say for the Beta version of Android 11, that is if you are already a user you can use the comment form below to give us your honest review.

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