Does Goguardian Work On Phones 2023

Many school administrators often install the GoGuardian extensions into their internet networks. They equally install it in the device given to students so they can keep close tabs on what students are doing on the internet.

Having discussed the GoGuardian on Chromebook in our previous posts, let’s see if it is compatible with Smartphones.GoGuardian

What Is GoGuardian

GoGuardian is an educational program or software installed in school-issued Chromebook and other devices to monitor students’ online activities, mental health, and academic performance.

There are different GoGuardian versions or types. They include the GoGuardian parents, GoGuardian teachers, and GoGuardian admin.

GoGuardian parents are designed to give parents updates on their kids’ performance and online activities during their stay in school.

GoGuardian Teacher is strictly for teachers and invited students. It helps them organize virtual classes with invited students through the share screen feature.

This version of the GoGuardian ensures teachers have the platform to keep close tabs on what students are up to without physical contact or presence.

GoGuardian Admin is designed for school management. It ensures that organizations can track students’ behaviours and learning prowess.

Does GoGuardian work on Phones

GoGuardian apps were initially incompatible with phones regardless of the model and type.

However, that’s no longer the case. The GoGuardian latest versions now work on some sophisticated IOS phones.

According to Lcspartan and Trustradius, GoGuardian Parent and GoGuardian Teacher are compatible with a few iPhones and Apple devices.

Does GoGuardian work on iPhone?

GoGuardian doesn’t work on all iPhones as it is only compatible with the most sophisticated iOS devices.

GoGuardian works on Chromebook or other computer systems issued to students by the school authority.

It equally works on any PC that is logged into your student account because your school has automatically programmed the GoGuardian artificial intelligence to monitor any device that accesses your student account. This is done by connecting the GoGuardian to the device through the LCUSD student email address.

Meanwhile, iPhones or other mobile devices won’t be monitored by GoGuardian even if you are logged into your student account due to smaller screen sizes and other compatibility issues.

Does GoGuardian work on all devices?

There are conflicting reports over GoGuardian’s ability to function effectively on all phones. Some say it works while others say it doesn’t work

However, we discovered that the app doesn’t work on all devices and most iPhones. According to information on Mac App Store, GoGuardian can perform excellently on iPhone with OS 11.2 or later, iPad requiring 11.2 OS or later, iPad OS 11.2 or later, iPod Touch, and Mac OS (10.11 or later)

Meanwhile, GoGuardian can’t be effective if you don’t log into your student account on a Chromebook or Chrome browser

In a nutshell, GoGuardian doesn’t work on all devices. It is a browser extension that works effectively on Chromebook and some chrome browsers.

Can GoGuardian see your phone?

As mentioned earlier, GoGuardian can’t capture a phone that doesn’t feature iOS 11.2 or later even if you log into your school account. That’s because the app is incompatible with most phones and devices.

However, GoGuardian stands a great chance of seeing your phone screen if you use an iPhone or iPad with OS 11.2 or later.

How do I set up Guardian on my iPhone?

Firstly, you must confirm that your iPhone is compatible with the GoGuardian app. You are expected to take the following steps to set up GoGuardian on your iPhone after confirming the eligibility status.

  • Ask your school administrators (known as the Superuser) to add your student email to their GoGuardian admin package.
  • You will receive a notification from the GoGuardian service provider after the admin approved your request.
  • Visit on your Chromebook to log into the school GoGuardian program.
  • Click on the login with email button to access your dashboard.
  • The dashboard contains different features available to iPhone users.

Meanwhile, click here to read more on how to set up a student, teacher, or admin GoGuardian account.

How do I block GoGuardian?

The good news is that you can force-stop GoGuardian if that’s what you want. You can block it by following the step below:

  • 1. Press the Esc, Refresh, and the Power buttons to boot the Chromebook.
  • 2. Press CTRL, D, and the Enter keys to turn off OS verification.
  • 3. Press the SPACE key to reset the OS verification.
  • 4. Your computer will delete all the data after completing the rebooting session.
  • 5. Log into your student account and that’s all. You can be sure GoGuardian won’t monitor your activities if you follow the steps accordingly.


GoGuardian isn’t as bad as people make it look. It has numerous advantages to serous and dedicated students.

Nonetheless, you are have the legal right to block the GoGuardian app if it makes you feel uncomfortable while using your device.