Enjoy trading with multiple chats on Zerodha

Since we have talked about trading in some of our post. Why shouldn’t we talk about at least a trading platform? So in this article we are covering a trading platform known as Zerodha.

Zerodha is an Indian trading platform, this company offers a wide range of financial services not limited to retail and institutional broking, currencies and commodities trading etc.

All this trading platform offers is becoming popular with every passing day hence we decide to states some of its amazing features that allows you trade, forecast accurately. No doubt this features are inbuilt with which users can use to view multiple chats.

It’s not easy tracking multiple stocks same time, when tracking performance of multiple stock. Infact real problems sets in to the extent that you find it difficult managing stocks in different tabs.

To solve this problem, there is an inbuilt function existing that helps traders keep an eye on multiple stocks in same window, this helps user make the best choices while trading because one can easily understand market trends.

As a trader with Zerodha, you can use this feature to your advantage, start making the right decision while at same time minimising loses.

Here are Steps to Open Multiple Chart view in Zerodha

1) If you already have a Zerodha, you can login or simply walk through this process to open a functional account here https://zerodha.com/

2) Next step from our tutorial, is to open any chat depending on the stock you are trading. As expected options are going to display. You can simply select “Display“.

3) There is a drop down menu, you have to scroll a little further to a sub menu “Multiple Charts“.

4) There are two options “2 charts” and “4 charts“. Here you can also select any of the options.

5) On the screen on your tab, a pop up will come up. Here you can add the stock names based on the chart you are interested in. Finally add the name and click ” Done

6) After you have performed the above operations, some multiple chart view will be opened as expected you will be able to simultaneously observe the movement of all charts.

Let’s show you how it’s going to look like in the picture below:

We believe the above article is clear enough to help you in trading?.

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