Having issues with OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z? Resolve it now here

Having issues with OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z? Resolve it now here

You must have heard about OnePlus Bullet wireless Z ; Well its a Earphone from OnePlus. We did a review about the product on a previous article, if you would like to go through the article you should follow this link

You will agree with me that nothing last forever, there are times a product will start having technical problems not because the product is fake or of low quality but required some minor resetting to resolve any malfunctioning.

When our phones developed an issue the first thing we do or attempt to do to arrest the situation is to reset the phone to factory settings as least this get some problems resolved and other still need some parts replaced.

But the main question comes how do we reset am Earphone to factory settings? Is it possible or not? When it comes to OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z it’s very possible, so let’s walk your through the steps to get this done.

Steps to Reset Oneplus Bullet Wireless

  • Put your Earphone on.
  • You should now Press “Volume Up” & “Volume Down” both at a same time for a time seconds like 3-4.
  • A sound should be heard like a beep sound this signifies that your headphone is restored to factory settings.

Now to enjoy all previous functionalities you need to pair your phone again after the reset and start flexing your Earphone or rather you have other OnePlus Earphone or different brand of different types, the above settings will still work .

We believe connectivity issue like the one we just stated above can still be corrected easily through these steps.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z earphone is available for sale on major stores online,perhaps you may wish to purchase if you don’t have one now.

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