Do Smart TVs Have Touch Screen & Is It Good To Have a touchscreen Smart TV?

The use of touchscreen gadgets has grown exponentially, thanks to the advancement in science and technology.

Many digital appliances now possess the feature due to manufacturers’ desire to improve usability and effectiveness.

With this feature, you can seamlessly scroll or navigate through your device’s screen without any difficulty.

We have seen Smartphone, tablets, and PC portrait this impressive feature, what about Smart TV— does it also has a user-friendly touchscreen?

We will answer this and other related questions in this article. So, stick around to find out more details about your Smart TV features.

Do Smart TVs Have Touch Screens?

Smart TV doesn’t feature a touch screen, meaning you can’t control a Smart TV using your fingers. Just as mentioned earlier, many digital devices support touch screen features, but Smart TV can’t be controlled using fingers — at least for now.

Differences Between Smart TV and Touch Screen Display TV

You might have seen a flat-screen TV being controlled by hands, and you keep wondering how is it possible when Smart TV doesn’t have a touch screen?

Don’t confuse a Smart TV for a Display Screen TV because the latter can easily be controlled using your fingers due to its touch screen ability.

Though they share almost the same similarities, Smart TV is different from a Smart Display TV produced by LG.

Thanks to its ability to read various types of files and documents, the LG’s Display TV ensures you can display multiple contents without connecting them to your computer or PC.

Should you have any reason to transfer files or documents from your PC to your LG Display TV, you can explore USB connections.

How would it be if a Smart TV has a touch screen? Will it be good or the other way round? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of a touchscreen Smart TV

Pros And Cons Of A Touchscreen Smart TV


1. It Makes Searching More Easy and Fast:

The main benefit you stand to enjoy if your Smart TV features a touchscreen technology includes simple searching mode.

You know how difficult pointing your remote at your Smart TV in search of a particular series can be. You need to type each letter of the series via your remote. However, a touch screen Smart TV makes it very easy. Just get close to your TV and seamlessly punch the letters.

2. It Promises speedy mode of Operation:

The fact that you touch the TV to give a command means your TV will probably respond to your demand faster than when you are pressing the remote from a long distance.


1. It Can Be Stressful To Operate: A touchscreen Smart TV isn’t necessary because it makes things a little stressful. You have to stand each time to give a command. For instance, you have to move close to your TV to press pause or other instructions.

2. It is Expensive: Additional feature like the touch screen will attract an additional cost, thereby making a touchscreen TV more expensive than the ordinary Smart TV

3. It is prone to Lagging: We all know that Smart TV deals with an internet connection, especially if you love surfing the internet or using the Facebook watch app.

Unfortunately, you may likely experience a high level of unresponsiveness while typing through your Smart TV screen.

Is It Good To Have a touchscreen Smart TV

Considering the mentioned pros and cons, having a touch screen Smart TV isn’t necessary. It won’t be a good move unless the manufacturers find lasting and accurate solutions to the listed disadvantages.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Touch Screen TV Cost?

There are things to consider before buying a Smart TV. These factors are very crucial irrespective of the brand you intend to purchase. They include:

Screen Size: The size of a Smart TV is one of the critical things to consider. The larger the size, the higher the price. Therefore, you should go for the one that suits your financial capacity.

Display Quality: The display quality and size is another feature you must get right while buying your TV. Also referred to as Screen resolution by some TV users, ensure you don’t go for a TV with less than 4K resolution. We would have recommended 8K or HD, but they are on the high side. Look at the refresh rate; it mustn’t be less than 60 Hz.

HDMI And Connections: Go for TVs with many HDMI ports as it will enhance wired connections.

Warranty: Go for products with a suitable warranty. A two-year warranty sounds okay and good. Meanwhile, it’s not advisable to purchase a lengthy warranty for your TV.

How Much Can I Buy A Touchscreen Display Smart TV

Having considered the factors above, you should get a quality touchscreen Display TV at an affordable price at Amazon and other well-known eCommerce websites.

The last time we check, a quality 65-inch touchscreen Display TV costs $1,800 at Amazon. Meanwhile, you can still purchase a small-sized TV for less than $100, although it offers limited features.

List Of Manufacturers That Produce Touch Screen Smart TVs

As it stands right now, no company has a touch screen Smart TV, but most of them boast interactive display. We already mentioned that LG is known for its sleek Display TV that deploys touchscreen technology.

Samsung is another brand with similar TV products. They recently launched their version of touchscreen TV, which allows users to carry out multiple functions using their fingers and voices.

When Should We Anticipate The Launch Of Touch Screen Smart TV

The issue isn’t about manufacturing touch screen smart TVs. The companies are well-equipped to create a sophisticated, effective, and beautiful device that can stand the test of time.

However, the touch screen feature is arguably not meant for Smart TVs as there is a need to move close to the device before giving a command. You can remain on your couch and operate an ordinary Smart TV using your remote, which is more convenient.

In the same vein, Smart TV tends to appear unclear when you move close to it due to its pixels per square inch. As much as it’s relatively easy to invent new touch screen TVs, we don’t think it will happen anytime soon.

Five Importance Touch Screen Displays?

Whether you call it “the uses of touch screen display” or “the importance of touch screen technology,” you are still on the same page. Some of them are discussed below:

1. It helps you reduce Maintainance cost: with Touch screen technology, there is no need for a keyboard and mouse. In that case, you have inadvertently reduced the challenge or fee required to take care of the input device.

2. It serves as great graphic designing equipment: You can create a great design by drawing on your screen with your hand. You only need a compatible stylus on your TV.

3. It helps in displaying menus in restaurants because consumers can scroll down seamlessly.

4. It helps in space maximization: Since there is no need for a keyboard and mouse, you can easily create space for other tools needed in an office.

5. It serves as an input device, replacing mouse and keyboard.

How To Convert a Smart TV Into Touch Screen

Since a display screen has so many benefits, you might want to turn your TV into a Touch Screen, but is it possible to turn a Smart TV into a touch screen?

Yes, you can turn any Smart TV into a touch screen by attaching Touchjet Wave Virtual touch screen to your Smart TV through the HDMI port.

What Is Touchjet wave? A Touchjet wave is a gadget that converts all kinds of television into a touchscreen TV. It ensures your TV reads your command whenever you touch the screen.

TouchJet Wave doesn’t require excessive procedures. Plug it into one of the HDMI ports on your TV, and place it on top of your TV screen.

The device uses its infrared sensor to recognize finger movements, thereby ensuring your TV responds to the commands you give via your fingers. See the image below.

Are Digital Media Boxes Compatible With Touch Screen Displays?

Unfortunately, digital media boxes aren’t supported on Touch screen displays. It means Apple TV, Roku TV, and other media boxes can’t function accurately on LG touch screen display TV.

All digital media boxes don’t possess all it takes to respond to body gestures. Hence, giving commands with your finger is fruitless and unnecessary.


Smart TV has its advantages over Touch Screen display, while Touch screen displays also have laudable features that make it a great device.

It all depends on your choice and what you need. We advise you to go for Smart TV if you want a device that allows you to control Netflix TV and Apple TV while resting on your couch. Meanwhile, you should choose a Touch screen device if you love to stretch your legs.