How To Block/Disable GoGuardian As A Student 2023

Are you looking for ways to unblock GoGuardian as a student on your Chromebook? You are on the right page as we are set to answer some frequently asked questions about the GoGuardian software.

In this article, we will discuss what GoGuardian for students is all about, the purpose of GoGuardian, how GoGuardian works, and many other facts about the popular education software. So, let’s dive into action without wasting much time.GoGuardian

What is GoGuardian for students?

GoGuardian is cloud-based education software that monitors students’ activities on their Chromebook.

It provides teachers and school management with accurate information on students’ social behaviour, academic performance, and mental health.

That’s not all, the GoGuardian software is equally programmed to prevent students from visiting unhealthy or corrupt websites on their Chromebook.

Purpose of GoGuardian

The primary purpose of the GoGuardian application is to improve students’ productivity as it will block websites that could distract or affect them.

It is equally designed to aid smooth and easy learning. Features like classroom, link sharing, and shared screen all support effective virtual lessons.

This means teachers can organize classes without leaving their houses, while students won’t encounter much stress before attending lectures.

The GoGuardian software also helps educators or management keeps close tabs on students, thanks to the effective screen features.

With this, teachers can prevent teenagers from opening tabs that could affect them psychologically.

Considering all these benefits, every serious and determined student is advised to have a GoGuardian account. It will positively influence their academic career. Meanwhile, read on to discover how to create and log into GoGuardian as a student.

How does GoGuardian work

GoGuardian uses its artificial intelligence feature to detect inappropriate content on a student’s Chromebook.

The application will block a website from showing on a student’s Chromebook once it sees harmful or unsupported words, images, videos or files. School administrators will install a GoGuardian chrome extension on their internet network, and school-issued Chromebook.

The GoGuardian will start monitoring your online activities as soon as you log into your student account on the school-issued Chromebook, or you assess your email using the school WIFI

Meanwhile, the GoGuardian classroom SCREEN feature ensures teachers can see what students are doing during virtual classes. Teachers can easily detect your commitment level during classes.

The same feature also enables teachers to terminate everything you are doing on your Chromebook in the classroom with or without your permission.

Teachers can give orders, and assess your academic performance in the classroom

How To Know Sites blocked by GoGuardian

Your Chromebook will display “website blocked by scene” whenever you try to visit a blocked site. Read on to discover how to unblock a website on your Chromebook despite GoGuardian protection.

How do you unblock GoGuardian as a student on a Chromebook?

You may want to visit a website blocked by the GoGuardian app on your Chromebook.

All you need to do is to unblock GoGuardian by clicking the “unblock this site for the entire class” option on the screen. You will access the website throughout the class.

How To Stop GoGuardian From Monitoring You

You can block GoGuardian from monitoring you if you take the steps outlined below:

  1. Press the Esc, Refresh and the Power buttons simultaneously to boot the Chromebook.
  2. Press CTRL + D followed by the Enter key to turn off OS verification.
  3. Press SPACE to reset the OS verification.
  4. Your computer system will trash all the data after the rebooting process.
  5. Log into your account and that’s all.

How do I log into GoGuardian as a student?

Students are to receive a confirmation email from GoGuardian service providers before they can use the GoGuardian products and app.

Unfortunately, this can only happen if the person in charge of the school GoGuardian admin package (known as Super User admin) includes your email in the Org management.

This means you might need to communicate the desire to access the GoGuardian student to the school’s IT department or GoGuardian administrator.

Then, the Super User would add your student email to the list of eligible students via

You can now log in to your GoGuardian account after receiving the notification through your email.

Visit Click on the “login with email option” to continue.

you will see your dashboard and other features available to students.

Having said that, click here to read more on how to create a student, teacher, or admin GoGuardian account.

Can GoGuardian track you?

Yes, the goguardian admin can track your activity and your location as long as you are logged into your student account.

However, the GoGuardian teacher can only monitor your activities during classes. It can’t track your location outside classrooms even if you are still logged into your student account.

Can GoGuardian see your deleted history?

GoGuardian can see your deleted history as it is designed to save your browsing history before you clear it.

GoGuardian has a complete record of the website you visited and how long you stay on each page even after deleting them from your device.

Does GoGuardian record your screen?

GoGuardian can access almost every aspect of your school-issued Chromebook. Therefore, it can record your Chromebook screen and everything you do on the device.

Other things GoGuardian monitors include, your chats on Social media platforms, your web history, audio and video files, school network, and other activities carried out on your school-issued Chromebook.

Does incognito block GoGuardian?

No, incognito mode does not affect GoGuardian. Though enabling incognito mode on your Chromebook ensures some sort of privacy, it doesn’t stop the education app from monitoring your activities on your student account.

Unfortunately, incognito is ineffective once the GoGuardian extension is installed or pushed into your Chromebook

In the same vein, the GoGuardian has all it takes to monitor your activities on other devices once it’s connected to the school internet network or Wi-Fi.

With or without Chrome incognito, GoGuardian will still deliver a good job because it automatically renders the incognito mode ineffective.


Though most students don’t like being monitored by school administrators, teachers, and parents, the GoGuardian concept isn’t a bad one.

It protects students from internet bullies and frauds, it encourages seriousness and determination among students, and it promotes stress-free virtual learning culture.

It isn’t as bad as many people think or make it look. Nonetheless, you are allowed to block the GoGuardian app by following the steps discussed earlier in the articles.