Is The WYZE Cam a Good Baby Monitor?watch wyze on PC

Is The WYZE Cam a Good Baby Monitor?watch wyze on PC

Having an effective baby cam to monitor your little one or pets no matter where you are is very paramount, especially in these times when anything can happen in a blink of an eye.

Many brands claim to produce the best baby monitors, but there is one that ticks many consumer boxes of versatility and affordability.Camera for baby

That brand is WYZE Cam. WYZE Cam produced by WYZE is a set of multifunctional wireless cameras that detect sound, movement, or smoke. It has an app that is compatible with Android devices, Apple devices, and Windows devices too.

There are questions by aspiring buyers on the usability, security, and functionality of the WYZE Cam. Why don’t you just relax, grab a mug of coffee, chocolate, or a cold beer and see why getting a WYZE Cam is a sound investment.

Can You Watch Your WYZE Cam On Your Computer?

It is possible to stream live footage from your WYZE Cam on your PC or laptop. There are several ways this can be accomplished; one method is using an emulator to run the app on your PC. Another method is to use Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP).

Wyze camera

An emulator is a software that emulates a mobile environment on your PC, this condition allows the PC to run applications that it would not normally run. Examples of such emulators are; Adobe Device Central, BlueStacks, and Blisk.

Download your emulator of choice, install it on your PC or laptop, go to Google Play and log in. search for and download the WYZE Cam app, log into your account, and begin to stream. The process easy and can be completed in a couple of minutes, five minutes tops.

To use the VLC software on your PC, you to first enable the RTSP on your WYZE Cam camera. To do this; install the RTSP firmware,

then scroll and click on Settings, then Advanced Settings, and RTSP. After confirming that it is up to date, enable the feature, and input your username and password.

Click on the Generate URL button, this URL is generated by the WYZE Cam camera and it contains the password used during the initial set up.

Now that the camera can send live feed via RTSP, it is now time to enable the VLC software on the PC to receive the video feed.

Open the software and click on Media, then click on Open Network Stream, the live feed from the camera will show on the PC via VLC.

It is important to note that when using the RTSP there is an 8-11 second delay in the feed, so it isn’t an actual “live feed”.

Is WYZE Cam Secure?

The fear that many people have, is if unauthorized people can gain access to either live feed or recorded images from your WYZE Cam camera.

The simple answer is, it is. It is however possible, to reduce or eliminate the possibility of this happening.

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Bear in mind, that there is no device that is 100% hacker-proof. Especially one that is internet-enabled, there are steps to minimize the vulnerabilities of the WYZE Cam device to hackers.

Recall in 2019, a security company. Twelve Security discovered that the database of Wyse Labs was hacked and the information of their customers was at risk.

One of the first things to reduce the risk of a hack is to change your password regularly. To change your password, go to the Account tab, search for and click on the Security button then click on Reset Password.

Don’t use old passwords or passwords that are easy to guess. Ensure your passwords are strong to reduce the risk of a hacker guessing them. Another means of securing your footage is enabling the two-step verification on your account.Wyze camera secured

When this feature is enabled, every time you log into your account, a code is sent to your phone as an SMS. Inputting this code will grant you access to the account.

This helps because even if someone guesses your password, they still don’t access your account. After all, they don’t have the authentication code.

If you are not the only one that has physical access to your camera, there is also a possibility that hackers can gain access and hack it from there. To prevent this, regularly change the password.

The WYZE Cam is a safe way to monitor your baby, pet, house, or place of business.

It is affordable, durable, easy to use, and more secure than most brands on the market. If you are thinking of getting a security camera or baby monitor, think WYZE Cam.

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