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Best Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Motorcycle GPS tracker is a must-have for every person that owns a motorcycle. This device is used for navigating and securing your motorcycle from theft, and that is what makes it a must-have.

Having a motorcycle GPS tracker is good but investing in the best one is better. Here in this post, we will reveal to you the best Motorcycle GPS tracker that you can spend your money on to protect your motorcycle.

First, let’s talk about the features that you should watch out for to identify the best motorcycle GPS tracker;

  • Sleep mode

This feature might seem minor, but it’s essential since that is what will enable you to save your GPS battery life. You may want to leave your motorcycle at home when you travel if the GPS has a sleep mode, the battery will function longer.

  • Magnetic connection

A GPS tracker that wouldn’t require installation will save you the hassle of becoming MR. DIY or getting it installed wrongly. Hence, you need a GPS tracker that will be connected to the motorcycle without wiring.

  • Alarm buttons

It’s not all GPS tracker that has this alarm button feature which is necessary. This button is programmed to give location information and theft report straight to the police.

  • Dustproof and waterproof

If you live in an area with severe temperature fluctuations and extremely dry or wet weather, your GPS may get damaged quickly. This is why a dustproof and waterproof device is essential for you because it will last much longer.

  • Offline location report

Another essential feature is the offline location report which monitors the location of your motorcycle even when you lose the GPS signal.

Best motorcycle GPS tracker

MoniMoto Smart GPS tracker with alarm

It’s a new device in the market and its one of the best.


  • It comes with a long-lasting battery that you can use for a year.
  • You don’t need to install it with wire, and this makes it difficult for thieves to detect it.
  • It’s fast and easy to set up since it can only be connected magnetically.
  • It sends alerts very fast when there is any strange movement on your motorcycle.


  • You will have to do simple software fixing on it.

TrackmateGPS Mini H

This device is not pricy, and yet it performs its duty well. With this device, your motorcycle is safe in an unfamiliar area.



  • You may experience a slight, quick battery drainage issue.


Americaloc is one of the best for its versatility and coverage. It’s an excellent option for every motorcycle owner



  • At times the battery may not be fully charged.

GPS Tracker – Optimus 2.0

This device has a reasonable price and plan that allows you to cancel the plan whenever you wish to do so.


  • Its sends signals and notification in less than 30 seconds via email and text whenever your motorcycle is moved or speeds too much.
  • This device keeps you in touch with your motorcycle with an iOS or Android system that can save you connected with the GPS tracker.
  • You can also use this tracker on an object, person or a vehicle.


  • Once in a while, it sends the wrong location notification.

Amcrest GPS tracker

This incredible device is reliable to secure your motorcycle anywhere you go. It’s a compact device that is easy to hide on your bike.


  • This tracker will notify you when you enter and depart from a hazardous area, which you must have identified and specified on the map.
  • It will notify you when you go beyond the speed limit you set for your motorcycle.
  • It’s very customizable.
  • Its battery is powerful, and it can last for two weeks.


  • You will need to secure the tracker in a case so it won’t get damaged on time.

Motosafety wired 3G tracker

Here is another impressive motorcycle GPS tracker that offers quality functions.


  • It has global coverage which means it can be used anywhere on the planet, without an issue.
  • It offers you the option to set locations where you visit often. It’s called geo-references.
  • The device will notify you immediately your bike is on use.
  • It’s helpful to note the routes you have followed before and maybe avoid it next time or know what to expect.
  • It’s teen-friendly, as it is produced with a guide for driving education.


  • It doesn’t come with instruction, so it may be a little time consuming to install it, though not difficult to do.

ATian GPS tracker 303G

ATian GPS tracker comes with many features that will allow you to track your motorcycle quickly and easily.


  • You will need to input your SIM card, turn on the tracker and then enter the support option to set any five admin number. These numbers are to monitor the GPS.
  • This device is affordable.
  • It is not bulky, and this means that thieves will find it impossible to locate it
  • It will notify you quickly when there is a change in the route the motorcycle follows.
  • It is programmed with an auto-tracking unit that will notify you instantly on the web server, wherever your motorcycle is.
  • You can as well use it to time your journey from one location to the other.


  • You may find this GPS tracker tricky to install.

AES RGT90 GPS tracker

The AES RGT90 is a recommendable GPS tracker that will help you know the location of your motorcycle always.


  • The internal battery of this GPS tracker can last for more than 85 hours. Besides this, you can decide to make it active or not to save battery life.
  • The device will always notify you of the location of your motorcycle.
  • You can use it anywhere, even in a remote area because you can connect it to a cellular network to get signals.
  • The device comes with a free six months plan and online tracking.
  • You cannot share the GPS tracker with another person except you share your password with them.


  • You can’t set alarm perimeters on this GPS tracker.


Even though there are many motorcycle GPS tracker in the market that you can purchase, not all of them worth your cash.

Therefore, we have carefully revealed the best motorcycle GPS trackers that you can trust in this article.

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