OnePlus Bullets is here for you: Wireless Z Bluetooth Review

OnePlus Bullets is here for you : Wireless Z Bluetooth Review.

Ever since the launch on the 14th April, 2020, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z has been making waves in the tech Industry.

The In-ear Bluetooth earphone comes with a Mic to give it’s user the best feeling ever. Just like the tagline of the tech firm, which is “Never Settle“the users of this product will always experience this phenomenon in real life.

In addition, the product has a very attractive price for users internationally. It can be gotten at a token of $49, irrespective of your nationality. The price also reflects the high quality of the OnePlus Bullets earphone.

Furthermore, the OnePlus earphones come in 4 color variants which are;

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Oat and
  • Mint.

One Plus Bullets Z Review

Let me give you my personal review of this amazing product. After I heard of its launch in April, I started saving up to get one for myself.

In the early weeks of May, I finally got one. Then I believed pictures don’t lie, instead they somehow reduce the original quality of products.

It looked better in real life than it looked on the internet. I loved it the second I saw it. The texture was as fine as ceramic.

So after taking it home, I decided to test the features, and to be candid, I had no regrets whatsoever. I just felt that it offered more value than the price on it.

I used it to watch variety of movies and I enjoyed them all. The audio quality is one in a million.

Enough of that, let us see some of the improved features in the One Plus Bullets Z earphone.

Exclusive Design

The One Plus Bullets Z earphone has a design which is second to none. The body is made of smooth plastic which gives it a nice sense of touch.

Also, the left hand of the earphone has some attachments on it, which are;

  • Charging point
  • LED light notification (for charging and activity)
  • Switch (to turn on and off)
  • Controls (play, pause, volume up and volume down buttons)

However, the right hand has no attachment at all, it is just plain unlike the left counterpart.

In addition, the Bullets Z Earphone has a swear and water-resistant IP55. This means that you can use it for various purposes including gym and workouts. However, this isn’t a guarantee that you can take it swimming. There are possibilities that you won’t come home with it.

The Switch button allows to turn on and turn on the device. The other controls like the volume up and volume down buttons enable you increase and decrease the audio volume respectively.

Long-lasting Battery

The battery of the One Plus Bullets Z is one of the features I really admire about the device.

With a single charge of approximately 10 minutes, you can use the product non-stop for almost 10 hours. Superb!

Now, when the product is fully charged, the battery will take you on for at least a day(24 hours). The maximum time for full charge is 60 minutes.

Your kind of activity on it doesn’t determinethe rate of battery consumption. You can use it to watch movies, play music, play games, and lots more. Name them!

Especially during this global pandemic, the OnePlus Bullets Z is the best thing you could ever get as a gift. With it, you NEVER SETTLE. That is , you can never get bored.

Excellent On-Call and Audio Quality.

Talking about the On-call experience, OnePlus bullets Z gives you a very clear sound reception, and also allows you to speak via the mic. There is absolutely no from of wave interference with the device, hence the sound will be perfect.

Similarly, the audio experience allows you to listen to music and vibe along with it. The rich sound you hear brings you to an action-filled mode, especially when you watch movies or play games like car racing, gunshot games and the likes. Everything sounds real. No disturbance!


This is where you will be amazed for sure. The connectivity of the the One Plus Bullets Z is at its peak. It comes with a Bluetooth connection which allows you to connect with another device within a range of up to 10 meters.

  • Connectivity memory : This feature allows your device to quickly connect with recently paired devices, without having to scam for them once again.
  • Magnetic Switch Headphones: This feature makes it very easy to switch on and off the earphone quickly without any stress.

You do not need to press the power switch to do this anymore. There is another way.

To turn on the earphones, all you have to do is to separate the ear bullets from each other. Naturally, the magnetism brings both bullets together. Hence this feature is built on the principle of magnetism. After doing this, the device Powers on automatically.

On the other hand, to turn off the earphones, just bring the ear bullets together, when they attract each other, the device turns off instantly. Isn’t that awesome? Of course, it is!

What is in the box of the One Plus Bullets?

Before, you purchase yours, it is better you know what to expect in the box. This is to let you know what your $49 is gonna get you.

The items in the box of the One Plus Bullets Z are;

  • A Pair of Bullets Wireless Z
  • USB type C charging cable
  • Extra silicon earbuds for the two bullets
  • Safety and Warranty card
  • User guide.

The user guide came last, but it is the most important item on the list. Before operating the OnePlus Bullets Z, it is advisable that you read the user manual to give you an idea on how to use the product.

Also, it is very important that you keep your warranty card safely. This is because you can’t predict if you have bought a damaged item or an about-to-be-damaged item. Your warranty card gives you the right to return the product with immediate effect.

What do we think of the OnePlus Bullets Z?

We believe you will want to hear lurks thoughts on the One Plus Bullets Z, and we are ready to reveal it to you now. Ensure you read this before purchasing the product.

First, the product is very portable. It can be taken anywhere because it is handy. Anyone can wear it, as it will fit everyone.

Also, the water-resistant feature allows you to use the device for a very long time. Most earphones get spoilt when they come in contact with water, but the One Plus Bullets Z has changed the case.

In conclusion, we will give you our own rating of all the feature of the One Plus Bullets Wireless Z. Individual and overall ratings have a maximum score of 5.0

  • Design – 4
  • Battery – 5
  • Audio quality – 4.5
  • Connectivity – 5
  • Overall rating – 4.6

With this review, you should be convinced of the durability of the OnePlus Bullets Z. You can now go ahead to purchase the product.

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