Steps to fastly join Windows Insider Program – Windows 10

Steps to fastly join Windows Insider Program – Windows 10

Ever heard of Windows Insider Program? This is a platform that gives Microsoft Windows Users to test new features, and share their thoughts.

The feedback from users are used to improve the program which is to be released. This article will teach you how you can take part in the Windows 10 Insider Program and also share your reviews with Microsoft for improvements.

Windows Insider Program Channels

To participate in the program, you have to get in through a particular channel. Thankfully, the Windows Insider Program has three (3) major channels for users. They are;

1. Dev Channel: This is known as the Development Channel. This channel allows users try out the about to be released Windows 10 builds, including the latest features.

The Dev Channel is suitable for highly technical users. This is because the builds are still in the development stage and are therefore veritable unstable.

It might not work well for normal Windows Users. There will be some rough edges and low stability.

2. Beta Channel: This channel is very much ideal for normal users unlike the Dev Channel. The builds here are no longer in the development cycle.

Therefore, it will be more stable than the Dev Channel. You can try this out. It also includes updates validated by Microsoft.

3. Release Preview Channel: This is the final stage of the Windows Insider Program. Here, you can have access to the ultimate builds just before they are released for everyone to use.

This channel has advanced quality updates and also very important features.

Procedure to Join the Windows Insider Program

To join the Windows 10 Insider Program, follow these simple steps:

1. On your PC or Laptop, go to “Action Center ” then click on “All Settings”

2. On getting to “All Settings” a variety of options will appear. Thereafter, select “Updates & Security “.

3. Scroll down and navigate to “Windows Insider Program” by clicking on it.

4. After clicking on it, a message will show by the top right hand of the screen. Click on. “Link a Windows Insider Account”.

5. After you do that, choose the Microsoft account you wish to use. Select the account or use a different account and click on the “Continue” button, which is below the screen.

6. Upon completing the previous step, a menu of options will appear on the screen. Three(3) options, to be precise. It has the heading : Pick your insider settings.

7. When you are done with that, navigate yourself to “Windows Updates ” and click on “Check for Updates “. That is all. Your system automatically downloads and installs the latest available Microsoft Windows Build.

Procedure to Leave the Windows Insider Program

If you feel tired of the Windows Insider Program and wish to leave the program, all you need to do is very easy and shorts. Follow this simple process:

  1. Go to the “Windows Insider Program” on your system, and choose the Microsoft account which is linked to the program.
  2. Thereafter, an option button “Unlink” will become already active. Click on it.
  3. After that, turn on the “Stop getting Preview Builds” option, and that is all. You are now out of the program.

With this guide, I believe you are now able to join the Windows 10 Insider Program and also leave if you want to.

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