Why Does Facebook Send Mails from Facebookmail.com Instead of Facebook.com?

Getting in touch with Facebook about account issues can be a thankless venture, there are some wrong information on how to reach Facebook.

There is also so much misinformation on which the official Facebook email or which email Facebook uses to send messages to their users.

This article provides correct information or these pertinent questions, and a few others.

Why Does Facebook Send Mails from Facebookmail.com Instead of Facebook.com?

In the beginning, Facebook used the domain name @facebook.com to send mails to all users.

This stopped when the social media network decided to move to the domain name @facebookmail.com instead of @facebook.com.Why Does Facebook Send Mails from Facebookmail.com Instead of Facebook.com?

There was a high incidence phishing involving the @facebook.com domain due to the fact that Facebook account owners were assigned @facebook.com emails immediately they open their accounts.

This led to Facebook scrapping the @facebook.com domain and emails, and just sending official emails to Facebook users from @facebookmail.com.

Any other email domain claiming to be from Facebook apart from @facebookmail.com is certainly a fake.

What Is the Official Facebook Email?

For official correspondence among Facebook staff, Facebook uses @Fb.com as their email domain.

However, when Facebook wants to contact account users, they send them mails via @Facebookmail.com.

For account issues, attempted breaches, illegal login attempts, and so on, Facebook alerts users using its @Facebookmail.com domain for emails.

This differentiates legit Facebook mails from phishing ones, and lets users know that security threats are real.

Usually these mails come from automatically generated email, [email protected]. You can’t reply these messages but you know it is from Facebook.

How Do I Send a Message to Facebook Administration?

Getting in touch with someone at Facebook to report something, or seek guidance and assistance you need to log into your account first.

Note that you can only do this on a PC, go to the top right corner of your screen and click on the downward arrow.

From the options, click on Help & Support. Some other options will appear, you can choose either Help Center, Support Inbox, or Report a Problem.

Each of these options gives you access to send messages to Facebook, and receive a speedy response.

There are some email addresses provided by Facebook for account users to send messages, but most times the response time is too long or they don’t respond at all.

What Does Noreply Facebook Mean?

When you receive an email from [email protected], it usually means there is notification on your account that Facebook wants to call your attention to.

It might be a birthday wish, a message in your inbox, a post on your wall or a tag from your friend.

Whenever there is activity on your account, Facebook informs you by sending you a message via [email protected].

Note that you can’t send a reply to this email, hence the name [email protected]. If you want to get in touch with Facebook for whatever reason, you might want to try and contact them through their help page: http://www.facebook.com/help/

Can I Talk to A Live Person at Facebook?

Yes, you can, even though getting a live chat with Facebook representatives it is often an arduous task.

There are many ways to reach Facebook representatives and register grievances concerning your account.

Ways to connect with A Live Person On Facebook

There are a couple of things that one could stick to if they are interested in getting in touch with the customer service representatives at Facebook.

All you need to do is follow the steps and the ways that are mentioned down under.

Through Call:
Calling the customer service representatives at Facebook is the smartest way that one could stick to if they’re interested in connecting with the customer service and the support team at Facebook.

The customer could also get technical support from the Facebook customer service representatives and hence they are able to eliminate all the issues that one may face while working with Facebook.

The customer helpline cell available at Facebook allows customers to scope through which they are able to get in touch with the customer service representatives.

All you need to do is dial the contact number listed down below: Dial:1-888-217-7491

How Do I Speak to A Facebook Representative?

Speak to a live person at Facebook

  • Login to your official account.
  • Go to the settings section and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Locate and click on ‘Help Center’
  • The following page will have different departments of general queries.
  • Find the option of ‘Contact Us’ and click on that.
  • It will redirect you to a new webpage which will consist of the ways in which you can get in touch with the customer service team of Facebook.
  • Choose the phone option.

Thus, you can easily make a phone call and Speak to a live person at Facebook in a hassle-free and timely manner for your own use.

How to start a live chat on Facebook?

There are multiple ways to interact with the Facebook customer service team.

Out of which you can select any of the modes. The best is to go for Facebook live chat support. This option will help you to connect with the customer service team of Facebook directly.


@Facebookmail.com is the official mail of Facebook, they send mails to users via this email domain.

If users receive emails from [email protected], it means Facebook is notifying them of an activity on their account and they can send a reply to that email address.

There are various means to chat live with someone from Facebook, one has to careful however to follow legitimate means.

This is to prevent you from falling into the hands of scammers.

Note that you should never reveal your password to anyone, whether the person is a legitimate official of Facebook or not.

Finally, the @facebook.com has been disused by Facebook, the only email domain in use is @facebookmail.com. @fb.com

is for internal correspondence among Facebook workers. Also getting help from Facebook is easier if you go to the Help and Support option, or go to www.facebook.com/help.