Windows 10 now have a new start menu: steps to enable it on your system now

Windows 10 now have a new start menu: steps to enable it on your system now

If you are Windows 10 build 20161 user, you will notice that Microsoft with its new release has introduced a new redesigned start menu although this is in the development mode and has not been released for the public officially.

I had to see and test what the new menu is all about. The feel and look most importantly and I found out that it’s very clean and appealing and I believe that when introduced officially it will be everyone’s favourite.

Please note that this feature is not available for everyone, its only made available to a handful of subset users with the objective to test run it, if its okay to be released officially yet hence the reason of writing this article.

If you can’t wait any longer but you want it now here are the guide for it right now. I will advise you make use of ViveTool,this tool will help show you any hidden tool (features) in Windows 10.

It’s now time we put you through a practical guide on how to enable the redesigned start menu in Windows 10 we just mention about.

Enable New Redesigned Start Menu on your Windows 10

1) You need this very tool which is ViveTool. Download and extract it.

2) Type “Command Prompt” as usual on your PC menu as the administrator you need to open the command prompt get to “Run as Administrator“.

3) Next UAC dialog comes up, you tick it yes.

4) Traditionally 32 directory will be used by the system by the command prompt,
To allow VivoTool, you need to change to its path.

cd < the directory where the Vivotool is extracted >
In my case the command looks like :
cd C:\Users\Saif Ghole\Downloads\ViveTool-v0.2.0

5) Enter the following command:

ViVeTool.exe addconfig 23615618 2

6) Now you are done, just reboot your system so as to reflect those changes on your system.

I hope by now everything works fine and you are able to view new redesigned start menu? If still yet you couldn’t view it, just let us know belie using the comment section or box.

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