Windows 10 users : Calculator has just been Added Graphing Mode for your work flow

Windows 10 users : Calculator has just been Added Graphing Mode for your work flow

Windows 10 is popularity and usage has grown over the years after it was first released. Windows 10 have some amazing features that aid and help your work flow one of such is its calculator.

But this calculator seems old and a little boring to some segment of everyday users,no doubt Window 10 comes with frequent updates, new improved operating system that helps improves user engagement and experience.

Window 10 has recently launched a newly designed Window 10 calculator which replaced its old classic calculator, this new comes with a cool transparent UI packed with a pleasant dark theme and some other cool features that will interest has been added. And you might ask “what is that cool feature? ” well a currency convertor and Graphing Mode has been added which is a thing that the old classic calculator was lacking.

Cool and interesting Features of Graphing Mode in Windows Calculator

Plot one or more equations on the graph: with this tool, you can now enter multiple equation while you expect a great result like the meeting point of your equation.

Add equations with variables: enter one or more equation alongside a variable as long as they are constant for easy manipulation of its values

Analyze your graph: want to get an understanding of relationship of variables in your working? Just Hover the mouse over the traces to get this done. Another interesting thing here is that you can analyze your equation more quickly and get your expected values.

All we have taken time to explained here will look strange to those who are not familiar with research field but if you are in the field then you are going to value and find the added features helpful in your everyday work because it saves stress of slowly plotting graphs before getting the final results. Here you simply get the values, input them and get awesome results.

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